One step at a time

I’m taking it one step at a time i first started by day dreaming about traveling one day and Recently Went to Dominican and I was Enthusiastic Very excited And grateful you see the thing is to push yourself tell your doing it meaning to me dream big Aim high so I ask my self when I’m Usually thinking a idea that’s on my mind and want  go away like going to the beach and feeling that sand and being relax and looking at the Beautiful ocean how the clouds set in the Sky so Peacefully now keep in mind I’m day dreaming like this. Have of the day most other time when I’m at work and I just need to Escape to another world more like Another galaxy it takes me in a safe place so what I do next I go on booking .com and look for a good hotel that not to far for the beach and Soon as my shift is over I am filled with joy and cannot wait tell my off day to Arrive now Usually I’m not off till the weekend and this could be a Monday that I’m planning this so I will have to wait And be strong tell the Weekend so here I am on Tuesday now and I’m clock in at work and. I’m just counting down the hours till I get off and somehow it feels like every time I plan a getaway I have a crazy work  week  up until that day it’s a feeling that I can’t describe but I know That I’m experiencing something out of the norm like it’s trying to discourage me from going to the beach some would say you’re overreacting but this usually happens every time I plan a trip I have a crazy week at work Now Friday has Finally arrive time to let the hair down turn the phone off gas up the vehicle set the The Destination turn your favorite radio station on put the windows down to feel a beautiful breeze Gather your favorite food and snacks bring your your favorite book to Excite you on your adventure along with Headphones to Clear your mind and take you on On oasis so there I am I just arrive at the hotel a Friday evening and I check in the hotel room set my bags  down Gather my swim trunks and sunglasses and sunscreen and my Lawn chair and ice chess and make my way to the beach after a 15 minute drive I arrive at the beach then I gather my belongings in my lawnchair my ice chest in my radio and I walk to the pier And I wash off at the bathroom then I’ll make my way onto the sand As I look up the sky is clear the ocean is Aqua blue The sand feels like a soft cushion as it touch my feet It feels so soft and Cool And then in my head all I could think to my self I’m Finally Here I finally can clear my head I finally can hear myself think I finally can feel the breeze and that beautiful atmosphere that amazing sunshine and how the light reflects off of me it warms me up to the right temperature then I start to walk into the  Ocean just deep enough to my Waist line while the waves are Pressing against me it feels. So therapeutic and relaxing and my body is combined with the sea the water so clear I can see my hands every detail so clean and pure as if I was looking through And our glass and time was going back as Everything was so peaceful and quiet nothing but the ocean thrusting back-and-forth and your mind is so relax and Rejuvenated so then I walk back on to the beach open my lawnchair I look up at the sky I put my sunshade on turn my radio on some Smooth Jazz or R&b on and I just relax as I feel the sun dry me off and Comforts me in the positive thoughts and vibes Embrace me and I know it was just a weekend but some times all you need is. Two full days to rejuvenate and get you back on track for your workplace call it me time me time is your Own special me time For some it’s reading a book and for some it’s looking at the stars at night Me time is a need not a want. You owe it to your self  so your body your mind and soul to cleanse And wash off and Relayer up and Strengthen the skin and the brain and the soul Trust me there is heeling power in me time. Mostly at the beach or at a Resort or day spa or a garden filled with lots of Beauty how do I know these things is because. My body And soul Reacts to it and In Ways I can’t describe you just know !!

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